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  • General
  • The deadline:2015-01-31
  • Place of work:Dongguan Gaobu town low Chung second industrial zone G plant
  • Job description:
  • 1, operator: to inspect computer hosiery machine produced socks, carries on processing to the hosiery machine fault. Two shifts, female.
    2, packaging industry: on the sock to collate, paired, packaging. Changbai class, female.
    3, cutter: blank, trouser legs were paired, cutting. Changbai classes, men and women do not limit.
    4, parking industry: sewing. Flat car, sewing, car, car, Kan spell high car, have electric sewing experience. Changbai Class, male or female.
    5, helper: cleaning, handling, finishing and other miscellaneous work, Changbai classes, male.
    6, and forming tool: the sleeve socks, socks, socks whole. Changbai classes, male.
    7, in order to work: hand sewing head. Changbai classes, men and women do not limit.
    8, the blind stitch work: electric machine stitching. Changbai classes, men and women do not limit.
  • Job requirements:
  • 1, age 18-45 years old, male, female do not be restricted, junior high school degree or above, Wuguanduanzheng, without blemish;
    2, able to endure hardship, able to work overtime, no bad habits.

Please contact us: 0769-88787111 / Ms.zou

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