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Changge to become Henan's first
    Channel of Xinhua net Henan on November 6th hearing big river - Henan Daily reported: in November 3rd, the rural edition 125 electric in 2010 in Changge city new village, through the full acceptance of the organization development and Reform Commission of Xuchang city. So far, 359 administrative villages in the city, the full realization of the national electrical standards, become the first in Henan province "the village electrification county".
    In 2007 after the completion of the first in Henan province in the new rural electrification counties, the county has three consecutive years of progressively and perfect, the new construction of the new rural electrification, the total        investment reached more than 3000 yuan, the realization of a electrified villages and towns 6, electrification of 149 villages, 6 townships of B class of electrification, electrification of 202 villages, built the county, township and village all electric, fill in Henan Province, "the village electrification county" blank. (Xi Bin Nan Nan)
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