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Shanghai electric and India reliance Group signed
    Recently, Shanghai electric and India the reliance group (Reliance ADA) power equipment procurement contract signed in Shanghai, the total contract amount of $8290000000, to the reliance group Shanghai Electric will provide 36 660MW supercritical thermal power unit. This is by far China and India enterprises signed the largest single contract.
    It is reported, China Export Import Bank and several commercial bank will provide financing for the deal. The contract will be divided into three phases of execution, each of the 12 contract period of 51 months.
    At the signing ceremony, India billionaire, reliance Group Chairman Anil Abani said, this transaction is the largest order in the history of the power industry, also printed in between the scale of the largest single business. Shanghai     Electric will provide 30000 MW coal-fired power generation equipment to the faithful in the next 3 years, worth about $10000000000 (6 660MW thermal power generation unit containing previously signed a contract but have yet to be delivered). Abani also said, this is not only a sale equipment transactions, is also a kind of strategic cooperation. Shanghai Electric will also provide spare parts, service and training, and may manufacture in India.
    Shanghai electric CEO Zheng Jianhua said, the specific time, place and manner of production in India Province, Shanghai Electric will carefully study determined after.
In 2008, the enterprises of the two sides signed to the Shanghai electric to purchase 6 660MW thermal power generation unit contract, at present the related equipment is the production stage, have yet to be delivered.
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