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                                                        Dongguan Yueguang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan City Yueguang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production and installation of high, low-voltage electrical equipment ltd.. The company has the power engineers, professional engineering construction division and design, construction management personnel. In addition, also has its own high quality, professional sheet metal, complete, installation as one of the large scale production workshop and construction team, have installation (repair, test) power facilities permit (No.: 6-1-00054-2011). Company is an independent legal person, the registered capital of 21000000 yuan, is a high integrated professional electrical company. Main production: 10KV following high low voltage electrical equipment and supporting the installation project, the main products are KYN28, HXGN-10, XGN-12, GCK, GCL, GCKGGD, PGL, XL-21, JK series, high voltage cabinet, ring net cabinet, drawer type low-voltage switch cabinet, power distribution cabinet, power distribution screen, power box, automatic and generator car cabinet, box type substation, metering box and various non-standard electric control equipment, chassis, mechanical shell, busbar, cable tray, is applicable to power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants and civil architectural lighting distribution. Can be designed according to customer requirements of high and low voltage electrical equipment, non-standard electrical equipment and automation of complete sets of equipment. Major undertaking: electric power facilities of 10KV and below voltage installation, repair engineering. The company in Gaobu town Dongguan city low Chung second Dong G Industrial Zone, the existing staff of 80 people, has the high and mid-level professional and technical personnel more than people, the construction team qualified after training, certificates, the majority also has more than ten years work experience, engineering budget, graphic design, the implementation of computer, strong technical force, the force of engineering construction all kinds of vehicles and measurement, test equipment equipped. Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the "customer first, quality first" approach, relying on scientific management, excellent technology, sincere service, establish a good social image. Nearly two years, holding the electric force installation and renovation project has dozens of, all to achieve excellent above. We have a strict work attitude, careful design, excellent engineering quality, tenacious style of work, won the owners and the construction units alike, excellent construction team created a special ability to fight, and establish a good corporate image, but also achieved good economic and social benefits. In the future, we will as in the past for the community to provide more quality of service integrity, adhere to the "to the effective management to the quality, creating brand" principle, our sincerity, diligence to return to society, innovation, and seek common development, create success. Constantly updated technology level, improve the competitiveness of the community, to provide quality services to customers. Company tenet: customer satisfaction, the company earnings. Our mission: to devote the high-quality project, return society. Corporate goals: master class technology, provides the first-class service, first-class construction project, to create first-class environment. Company strategy: to improve the comprehensive competitiveness, attract high-end customers. Business philosophy: integrity, professional, innovation, win-win. At the lowest cost, the fastest speed to provide customers with the best quality of the project; the learning type organization, core competence, cultivation and development of the company's continuous flexible management. Values: the cost reduction. Quality policy: quality of survival with quality services and development. Quality objectives: customer satisfaction rate achieves 98%, year zero complaint.

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